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Turnkey Drilling

Turnkey Drilling

EFFORT Energy has the capacity to innovate and deploy drill rigs for some of the most technically challenging conditions.

In addition to managing drilling projects for operators on a time and material basis, we also offers this same service on a turnkey basis. Our turnkey bundled drilling offers a viable method for operators to better manage drilling risks and reduce costs. Wells can be planned, drilled, evaluated and completed to our clients’ specifications for a single lump sum price.

We offer drilling management contractor services for complete field development programs.

The drilling management services involves moving beyond merely providing a well or a completion for a fixed price. It means working with an operator and other service companies to provide a range of services for complete field development, from drilling and completion to facilities design, installation, and field management through depletion.

We drill turnkey Surface Hole wells up to 18 inches in diameter and 6000 ft in depth. Our prices normally includes Casing, Cementing, Site Preparation and MWD Surveying (inclination & azimuth) + Directional Drilling (if needed)

Our clients prefer this flagship service because it keeps their costs fixed and the risk is basically passed on to Effort Energy, thereby allowing us to deploy our top-tier people and technology to challenging well construction projects.

We pride ourselves in understanding the needs of our customer and offer a complete package, from engineering to operations. We drill wells on turnkey, footage and daywork basis and specialize in drilling for independent operators. We build long lasting relationships with our customers through stellar performance and an emphasis on safety.

Our objective is to deliver oil and gas projects below AFE on time.