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Directional Drilling

Directional Services


EFFORT Energy personnel have over 50 years of combined directional drilling experience gained while drilling under some of the most challenging conditions in the industry.

EFFORT Energy offers a complete package of directional drilling services to accommodate a range of needs. We are able to recruit and retain top-notch talent; and growing and supporting our divisions as well as the departments within them. Ultimately, we provide incomparable value to our customers and experienced personnel to consistently provide reliable, superior performance that is cost efficient from a single-source directional drilling provider.


EFFORT Energy utilizes high-quality vendors to support our operations thus ensuring our clients receive the service quality they demand. We match the drilling motor to both the bit and formation type to optimize your drilling operation. Effort Energy Solutions can provide whatever power section best fits your particular need.


As a progressive company, we are, committed to offering the latest and best technology, including a cost effective Rotary Steerable Tool paired with our reliable MWD service.

This drilling technology enables customers to drill higher quality wells while lowering the cost of directional drilling operations. This technology also optimizes hole quality and wellbore placement, maximizes reservoir contact, and achieves faster penetration rates.

Using this technology, the orientation of the drill bit can be continuously changed as required. Lower operational costs with improved maneuverability down-hole, improved borehole quality and reduced non-productive time can be achieved.

The robust system eliminates extra time consumed by sliding, reduces friction and increases ROP in hostile drilling conditions. Near bit gamma ray, direction & inclination sensors deliver real-time continuous inclination measurements and the ability for closed-loop control.

What does this mean for you?

  • Short tool length—improves steering response and places MWD sensors closer to the bit
  • Near bit stabilizer—provides precise steering control and bit support
  • D&I sensors close to the bit—enables more accurate well positioning and autonomous control
  • The bit orientation can be continuously adjusted—provides unique steering flexibility downhole

With EFFORT Energy directional and drilling services, your operation will be cost and time efficient – with higher return on your investment