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Measurement + Logging While Drilling


EFFORT Energy uses tried and tested MWD system.

It is a reliable, high temperature rated (302 degF, 150 degC, optional 347 degF, 175 degC) positive pulse, Rotary Pulsar retrievable MWD tool. The system is based on industry standards, and provides down-hole data such as tool-face, API gamma ray, temperature, and shock. This data is displayed in real time at surface, which allows our clients and directional drillers to make informed decisions about the condition of the well.

EFFORT Energy provide two MWD engineers on site when your project requires MWD services. But, existing MWD customers have been able to cross train directional drilling personnel to also operate the MWD (including gamma) resulting in considerable savings in personnel costs for both the client.

When EFFORT Energy engineers are on site they will maintain the MWD tool and the data collected. An array of software is used to display the progress of the well toward the target zone, and provide frequent reports to the client’s office.


The scintillation detector design provides a highly reliable measurement and has been developed to withstand the high levels of shock and vibration usually encountered during drilling operations.

The natural gamma ray system module is an add-on to our MWD system is capable of transmitting real-time formation gamma ray information to surface for correlation and geo-steering. It also stores high resolution data down-hole for later download at surface.

It is calibrated against the API standard so that the log can be compared directly with wire-line gamma logs. Data can be exported in standard industry formats (WITS and LAS).

This technology allows for Real-Time Reservoir Insight, Timely Decisions.

Seeing what’s below the surface can allow you to geosteer through complex geology, minimize seismic uncertainty, and make informed decisions to place your wells in the sweet spot.


This is the ultimate solution for geosteering and fracture / structure analysis.

This laterolog resistivity tool provides 360° of wellbore images and laterolog resistivity measurements in real time througout in a wide variety of conductive muds.

It also offers bed boundary detection in horizontal wells with 3 focused and 7 unfocused resistivity measurements and boasts the largest depth of investigation in the Industry.

The images are stored at 128 bins around the wellbore and have excellent resolution at 0.5-in. The tool can still provide real time quadrant resistivity whilst sliding allowing use of Mud Motors without interrupting the geosteering capabilities.

This technology acquires qualitative focused laterolog resistivity of multiple spacings with excellent vertical resolution for formation evaluation. It can be used to identify bypassed pay zones and achieve precise reservoir estimate in vertical as well as high-angle and horizontal wells.

Our geosteering experts interpret the data and help you optimize well placement, reduce wellbore tortuosity, and maximize reservoir contact in all types of environments.

Plus, you can continue to refine your geological model to help you design the right completions and plan for future field development.

Let’s work together to truly understand what’s in your reservoir, place your wells accurately, and help you maximize the value of your assets in deep water, unconventionals, and mature fields.