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Oil & Gas Advisory

Advisory Services

Oil and gas companies face challenges adapting to price volatility, improving performance, managing risk, entering new markets and transforming their business models to achieve a profitable future. 

EFFORT Energy Advisory team consists of oilfield veterans, CPAs, MBAs, financial advisors with asset-specific experience and technical expertise to quickly perform due diligence and an impartial commercial evaluation of acquisition targets.

Our objective is to solve big, complex industry issues and capitalizing on opportunities to help deliver outcomes that grow, optimize and protect our clients’ businesses.

We help our clients to optimize their capital projects, drive joint ventures, and adapt their business models to maximize resilience. We share our insights and experience in portfolio management, data analytics, supply chain, risk, systems integration, digital oil, performance improvement, cybersecurity and human capital.

Our understanding of the industry issues inspires us to team up with you in creating innovative answers. Together, we help you navigate the changing regulatory and risk environment to deliver better outcomes and long-lasting results.

Some of our services  include:

  • Data room support (with a full team or to supplement the client’s team)
  • Verification of maps utilizing quick look techniques
  • Resources and reserves reporting
  • Production decline analysis and forecasting
  • Determination of behind pipe and undeveloped reserves
  • Economic modeling and scenario building
  • Determination of fair market value and bid range for a property or group of properties

We can establish a standing team of consultants with a project manager, available on an as needed basis, to screen and high-grade opportunities.