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Our Services

We are committed to helping our clients maximize the asset value of their oil and gas portfolios. We provide the people and technology necessary to execute the most challenging projects.

Turnkey Drilling

We pride ourselves in understanding the needs of our customer and offer a complete package, from engineering to operations. We drill wells on turnkey, footage and daywork basis and specialize in drilling for independent operators.

Directional Drilling

We provide comprehensive well design, accurate trajectory placement, wellbore quality and risk management for optimum drilling performance and reservoir contact to lower your drilling costs and improve your return on investment (ROI).

Well Engineering

Our Well Engineering team work with clients to develop reliable, efficient drilling programs and designs that reduce risk and costs while improving safety, rate of penetration (ROP) and production of their assets and operations.

Project Management

Our Project Management team work with clients to integrate all services, technology, drilling contractors, and third-party providers through our single point of contact for all aspects of planning, design, and execution.