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Value Add

Value Add

We are constantly exploring channels and strategies that allow us to add value to the core services that we provide to our clients. These are complimentary services that we are happy to deploy within the value chain of our core services.


We are committed to helping our clients maximize the value of their US Land assets by collaborating with them to implement the right MWD and LWD applications.

Reservoir Management

Reservoir management team integrates geology, geophysics and petroleum engineering to predict and deploy the recovery of hydrocarbons in the subsurface.

Oilfield IoT

We help clients improve efficiencies and reduce downtime by implementing predictive analytics and machine learning using our proprietary IoT systems of value drivers

Oil & Gas Advisory

We have a team of oilfield veterans, MBAs, CPAs and financial advisors with expertise to provide management and financial advisory for our clients' mergers, acquisitions and divestiture opportunities.